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Elvin S Harward - Cheif Exective Officer

Elvin L Harward - Vice President /Sales Manager

Rick Harward - Vice President / Refridgeration Specialist

Mike Harward - Production

Julie Shelley - Lisa Black - Kathy Harward

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Office Personell -
Jacklyn Harward & Jennifer Newton

Webmaster: Sandy Harward

Production Crew -
Rick Harward, Colby Harward,
Mike Harward W es Nuttal & Brady Robinson

Delivery Drivers -
Elvin L. Harward, Allen Golding,
Callie Shelley, Colton Shelley,
Donald Johns, Matt Casper

Tour Ice of Central Utah has been packaging fine ice products since 1972.  For the most part we have been producing cubed ice that comes in 3 different sizes 40-lb, 20-lb & 7lb bags, along with 10-lb blocks of ice, many of which you will find in several grocery stores & convenient stores in Utah & Evanston.  In the last couple of years we have expanded our operation to also include 300-lb blocks, these are mainly used for ice sculptures.  As the demand for ice sculptures grew, so did our production of 300-lb blocks.  We provided many of the blocks for the ice sculptures that were made for the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic events.  We have also found a growing interest in Ice Bowls, like the ice sculptures they can be made for any event or celebrations.    Enjoy your look around and if we can help you with any of your wholesale, retail, ice sculpture, or ice bowl needs, please contact us at the number below or email us. 
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Tour Ice of Central Utah
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Orem, UT 84057

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